I Made Him Breakfast

7:00 AM

It was some years back when I had entered my sexual prime, imagine Samantha with a growing collection of Zane novels. My brother turned to me and said "Whatever you do, don't get dick-whipped." I can't remember the exact date or the context but I remember the warning against being "dick-whipped".

Back then I figured out that the term was equivalent to being "pussy-whipped". Now, according to Wiktionary,
pussy-whipped adj.
(vulgar slang)
Submissive to or dominated by one's wife or other female partner, frequently with the connotation that this submissive behaviour is for the prospect of sex.
And according to Urban Dictionary,
pussy-whipped adj.
Making decisions based on the incentive of sex.
Thankfully, I have never experienced dick-whippage. I guess because I protected my heart with maximum security protection. Sure, I've had my fair share of "Damn! That was great, let's go again!" but never, "I will birth your babies and club a baby seal for you, master." But what happens when you come across someone who sneaked through your defenses like Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage?

What happens when the good, good is like Dynomite! and you start spouting pop culture references from multiple decades? Does that mean I'm dick-whipped? Should I be looking out for halos? What actually happened? I made him breakfast.

He wasn't expecting breakfast, but I made it. And not the slap, bam, here you go variety, I'm talking about me hip checking Rachel Ray to the side. I made scramble eggs with Cajun seasoning and grated cheese on top. I sliced a loaf of bread AND toasted it, and added a mini orange in the mix.

If I trusted the tomatoes I had, I would have sliced them up and if I had olive oil and vinegar, I would have mixed them together and drizzle them over the tomatoes. Don't get me started on what I would have done if I had potatoes and bacon.

I won't lie to you, I do enjoy cooking, more for the process but this was new to me. To want to give food to someone, that nurturing element, that is new. I don't think it freaks me out, but I would like to explore it.

This might be a genetic throw back to some bygone era where a woman desires to nurture and take care of a man. And where he desires to protect and do handy man things for the woman. Two parts working in tandem.

Whatever the case is, I didn't hate it so it can't be all bad. That reminds me of when Destiny's Child came out with "Cater 2 U". I remember a British music reporter pointing out that it was a departure from the independent/survivor Destiny's Child that we all knew at the time. Then again, Beyonce had just hooked up with Jigga and some of that connection bled into her music.

At the end of the day, there are certain things we would only do for that special person. Sometimes, you don't even know you are doing them. Sometimes, you don't say that you care for a person, but you most certainly show it.

What are some of the things you do only for that special person in you life/ who was in your life?
What have others done for you to show that they cared?

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