New Years Eve

2:37 PM

This won't be long because I'm still groggy from partying last night. Part of me doesn't want to write about it because in my spirit, it wasn't all that. I mean yes, there was some awesome parts like dancing on one of the secondary stages (the gogo dancers kicked us off the main stage), meeting DJ Private Ryan and getting a hug and the following pic

(my sis took a pic with her cell), seeing tons of people I know and them being in various states of intoxication.

Unfortunately, I felt it was lacking something, midnight was meh, the fireworks was okay but monotonous. It's just weird because I won't say I'm a party animal but I like a good party and maybe I'm too sensitive but you can feel people's insecurities. You can feel people trying too hard, holding on to some semblance of cool that falls short. Maybe because I've reached that point where I believe that what people consider to be "cool" is accepting oneself and not giving a f*** not trying to look like what "cool people".

This post might sound like I'm hating on the party, but I don't hate the entire experience, I just see some room for improvement. One thing for sure Private Ryan delivered and to see him live was the main reason I went. He also was down to earth, I don't normally get excited by entertainment people but when I respect a person's body of work and the seem genuine and down to earth, I will act like a fan. But check out his Facebook page and his site where you can get free downloads.

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