Truth Be Told

4:22 PM

One of my favourite things to do is watch movies on a week day afternoon. Perhaps because on a normal day, I would be at work or when I was in college, at class, but to do something out of the ordinary is pretty nice. I am loving YouTube more and more because there are chances to watch films you would not normally see. Be it because you don't live in the States or you are living life and missed a movie. The thing is it's not even relegated to YouTube, there's NetFlicks and Hulu and a number of other sites online to get your movie on. I once asked a group what they could live without, TV, Internet, Phone or Friends and every time the answer is TV. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, TV is going to have to revisit their programming to get people back. I haven't used my TV in ages and my family has been without for a while, but they are itching for it, lol. The thing is the internet is taking up the slack where TV is leaving off. Anyway, here is a movie I found, it is in the tradition of made for TV where it's wholesome, American with a message or two. Some may find it cheesy, but I have a fondness for cheese. Be on the look out for more movies on Kimolisa Was Here. XOXO

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