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I have been thinking about doing this post for over a week and I have so many drafts in my head and one draft saved, but it's only now that I've put hands to keyboard. So where have I been? Right here in Wadadli, but doing everything and doing nothing. You know how that is, LOL. But on a serious note, I've been going through a transformation that has been coming for a long time but it's only lately that I've made the shift, click, turned the bend, whatever you want to call it.

You see for a long time I was not content with myself. I've grown from a zombie to a victim to a wannabe survivor, but at that last stage there was no real "talk" or action towards self-love or self acceptance. I was living but not living, does that make sense? Let's see if I can put it plain:
  • Sometime in the past, I gave up responsibility for my life and for myself so I was always turning to others to tell me what I should do. Bad idea as I have all the answers if only I had asked the questions and listened.
  • I got to caught up in my story, aka my past that I never really enjoyed my present. Bad idea, right here, right now is so beautiful. The breeze, wait let me be real, the wind is blowing, where I am is just right. I have full use of my body and I'm a live.
  • I believed I was who I thought I was or who others thought I was. Bad idea, I am not the person I was a day ago, an hour ago, I am ever evolving. Also people see you through their eyes and their experiences, not who you are, so what they think don't matter.
For once in my life, I get it. It took reading a few books and I have a whole lot more books to read but I now understand
  • Life is a process of evolution and it's a journey
  • Don't believe everything you hear
  • Trust your instincts/intuition
  • If you are going through some tough times, be happy it means you are going to be tougher by the end
  • Love - love yourself, love your family, love your friends, love your enemies, love everyone, and if you can, love unconditionally
  • Peace is not found on the outside, it comes from within and when you get there make sure you remember how to get back
  • Life is long and short, but always remember that it's not guaranteed
  • Stop thinking, it will only get you stuck in where you don't want to be
  • Be good to yourself, it will show others how to treat you
  • Have a lot of fun, make mistakes, have failures, but never forget to live life fully
  •  Make every day matter, every now and then break the routine/habit
I won't lie, it's not easy. I'm still figuring out how to do it. I'm still working on a program that will work for me. Which brings me back to this blog, you see I haven't been happy with my blog as I was not posting original content like I was doing on my other blog, Kim or Lisa. I missed doing the posts like 100 Dates and Male Appreciation. I had fun with the Why Am I Single series.

So what should you expect in the coming weeks? The return of 100 Dates and Male Appreciation, there will be some posts on my personal journey and thoughts along that line. I'm not sure if Trailers, Interior Love, Ted Talks or Food Porn will return. Also there are some Bucket List posts I have to work on, I've met and surpassed some of items on my bucket list. Not to mention make some changes to that same bucket list.

For a long time, I have been like the evil planet in the Fifth Element when it wasn't transmitting

It wasn't serving me so I think it's time that I catch afire and start transmitting. Show some love and comment share your thoughts. Also check me out at pinterest, twitter and tumblr. Feel free to follow any or all of them.

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