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7:26 AM

On Sunday, my sister and I made bread. It was supposed to be Jamaican Hard Dough Bread but it came out as regular bread. I ain't mad because it smelled good and it tasted good and it ignited my love for cooking. I went a step further and made a veggie rice while making the bread.

So how did we end up making the bread? Well, Miami showed me a recipe for hard dough bread and majority of the ingredients we already had so I asked her if she wanted to make it and she said sure. We chose to make it on Sunday and when the day came we mixed dry ingredients, threw in wet ingredients and kneaded like it was nobody's business. We let it rise, then kneaded it some more. The only thing is we (ahem I) didn't roll it tightly enough and the warm place we put it after we put in the pan was very warm. How can I put it lightly, it blew the hell up, hee hee.

Put it in the oven and as it baked, it smelled so good. Took it out and it was fabulous, Fa-bu-lous!!! I let it cool then we dug in. Yummy, yummy, yummy!! Had to say it three times. LOL. I don't know if it was because we made it and it tasted good that it tasted even better. Can you tell I'm loving cooking. Anyway, below are the pics and the recipe we used is this one.

MiAMi kneading the dough.

Still kneading, had to do this for 15-20 minutes.

Kneading after the dough rose.
The dough before we put it in the pan.

The dough right after we put it in the pan.

The dough before we put it in the oven.

Our Bread!!!

Sorry about the pics but I used my cell phone. I can never remember to carry my camera or make sure I have batteries. The funny thing is MiAMi is planning on baguettes for next week. Hopefully I remember the camera.

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