Inside Out Movie Review

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Every now and then, I have the desire to be a kid again. Sometimes I would go to see a kid's movie (i.e. a cartoon) and I was way overdue for one. The last one I saw was Frozen, while the last one I saw on the big screen was How To Train A Dragon 2 (I came close to tears while watching that one.) This week, I went to see

Inside Out

Let me start off by saying that I love, no lurve Pixar. I don't know how they get these talented people to come together and deliver movies that are not only great entertainment but can tug at your heart strings like your heart is a bass guitar. Don't even get me started on the full range of humour they execute with such ease that it appears effortless.

Now Pixar has a strong history, you know, Wall E., Up, could they keep up their winning streak with Inside Out? Hell yes. What I enjoyed immensely was the reality of the dynamic between the "good guy" and the "not so good guy". Although the built up the latter as the lesser of two evils, they were able to show that they were not perfect. Joy was not batting 100 when it came to being a good person. At times she was condescending and manipulative. While Sadness who came across as whiney and slow on her potential to harm had a good heart and at times was a voice of reason.

I think the message of imperfection is good for kids in a school system that preaches black and white in preparing you people for a world which is more than 50 shades of gray. (tee hee). Inside out was heartwarming, funny and a great movie to see with the family be it your own kids or someone else's kids (well maybe not that)

What I liked
  • That there was this ultra cute short movie at the start called Lava;
  • That although they had relatively big name actors voicing the characters, the story was so strong that you didn't notice that Joy was Amy Poehler or Anger was Lewis Black;
  • That Lewis Black was Anger, he is one of my favourite comediens;
  • The scenes in other people's heads were funny;
  • That I was so caught up in the movie that I don't know how long the movie was;
  • That I left the cinema feeling satisfied.
What I didn't like
  •  Um....
  • Uh....
  • That....
  • That I can't think of anything I didn't like about the movie (Damn you Pixar!)
Overall, I loved it. Take your kids, take your siblings' kids, take your grandkids or go by yourself. I promise you, you will like Inside Out.

Image Credit: IMDb

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