I'm Going Back To My Roots

3:41 PM

A little after getting to know a guy, I get asked the question. So, would you grow out your hair? Answer: No, I love my hair as it is.

Especially when the barber cuts it way low and shapes my eyebrows just right. Then comes the next question. Would you grow it out for me? Answer: No. First of all, I just met the fool and we are just getting to know each other and already he's trying to change me. If you were attracted to me as I am why are you all set to change me. Plus, isn't it the same men who hate it when women try to change them. I won't try to change you if don't try to change me.

But I'm not hating on the men, they like what they like. I started cutting my hair a decade and six months ago. Then I found a barber that gave me a great cut and guess what he up and did? He moved to another island, can you imagine that? So here is my hair growing and I don't have the time and energy to find a new barber. Then the idea formed, why don't I let my hair grow out for a year and see how long it will get.

I see this as my embarking on a new adventure, one where I will have to acquire an afro pick. At this moment, I'm about here

And I'm sure in a couple months to a year, my hair will be here

I'm looking forward to my hair looking like this

Will it ever reach below, I doubt it. I don't think I could handle all that so I will be trimming my do.

I will keep you up to date on how my afro goes. Hopefully it will look decent because I will have no problems chopping the thing off.

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