11:23 AM

I got more cards. I had joined a website called PostCrossing where people send post cards to random strangers. So far I've sent off 6 cards and received 2 according to the site, but I'm sure I've sent out more than that. You see, folks started sending me private messages requesting postcards from little ole Wadadli which is all well and good. The only problem is I've gotten tired of responding to these requests. It's not a simple thing mailing out postcards. There is the whole getting into town, then making time to buy the cards, then going to the post office and mailing them off. This is a bit strenuous as I don't work in town.  Anywhoo. I now only get addresses through the PostCrossing website.

If anything, this whole experience makes me appreciate where I live and makes me look at my island in a new way. I do live in Paradise, it's just a matter of stepping out of the day to day drudgery and enjoy it.

Below are a few cards I got and check out the Postcrossing page above to see all the cards I've received.

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