KoLA - The beginning

8:02 PM

This has been a long time coming. I always knew I wanted to have my own line of clothing but what exactly and how was always an issue. Back in college, I enjoyed screen printing to the degree where I made a really cool graphic and printed it on one of my favourite t-shirts. I even did a business plan around a t-shirt company for the Business Plan class.

After I left college, I got a few jobs in the industry, but it was more computer work, long hours and the only garments I touched was when I was knocking off other people's garments. No fun.

I left NYC and returned to my island and did everything else but do the things I loved. Only recently, I returned to what I need and what I want. And KoLA is what I want.

I've been working on developing the pattern for my first set of shirts, and this weekend I finished my first complete product. Below are some pics of the shirts and stuff that I took last night. I'm rambling.

This is from a series called "I'm going to hell"

As you can see I printed a lot of shirts before I perfected the print.

My screens

My inks and squeegee, my only squeegee.

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