Male Appreciation #4

4:44 PM

Lately, I've been picking up on a lot of negativity coming from both sexes. Men, well the men my age group and younger, are doing whatever they please even though they know this will hurt their women, cheating on them, calling them out of their names, viewing them as pieces of meat to drool over and what is annoying is they are unapologetic about it. Then there are the women who are calling the men out on their actions and are angry and hurt that men appear not to care. This left me feeling like passing on this weeks Male Appreciation but it's site like The Art of Manliness that remind me that although men seem to have lost the art of being a man, there are a few that are willing to learn the basics.

It might just be my oppinion but if you treat a woman like a lady, she will treat you like a gentleman.

Also women, we need to raise the bar for the men, expect more, they might go out of their way to meet your expectations and if they don't they weren't worth your time. What happened between the late 60's and 70's and now that made us forget that we are queens and to be loved and respected.

This is not the time to be blaming the other person for not being who you want them to be, it is the time to make yourself the person a real man or woman would want in their life. The only person we can change is ourselves, so take the time and be absolutely fabulous.

So with that said, I appreciate the men who keep it real by doing what they love, by treating all the people they interact with respect, who don't play games with other hearts even though others have played games with theirs. I appreciate the men who are inspired and inspire others to do great things, who choose to leave this earth just a little bit better, be it through technological advances, humanitarian deeds, their leadership. I appreciate the men who where the title of men with pride, and don't think or act like little boys who don't know better.

Men, I appreciate you.

P.S. Please, don't disappoint me.

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