Male Appreciation #13

2:12 PM

I am way, way, waaaaaay overdue for posting a Male Appreciation post. I have been in the middle of a project and I will be honest, I didn't know what to write for this post. I was almost going to do a post of Men's backs inspired by something my sis had said and this post by one of the people I follow on tumblr, self esteem boosters, only to realize that I already did a post on men's backs. So what should I write about? Then I remembered the open mics I frequent, they are a lot of fun and it's so cool to see the guys get excited about going up there and reading their work. So that is what this post is all about, when men are passionate about what they do.

It could be building a house, or developing a program or cleaning a building, when a man is really into what he does for a living it is a powerful thing. It's not only the fact that he is loving what he is doing, but he is doing it well and he inspires you to do what you love. To see a man either smiling and bursting to show you what he has accomplished is just exciting. I don't know about you, but he would give off this energy that jumpstarts your own energy. Then there are moments when he's deep in concentration, there might even be a slight frown, but in that state you know he is going to get whatever it is done.

So, to the men who work hard at the things they love, I appreciate you.

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