Male Appreciation #16

9:22 AM

One of the people I follow on Tumblr posted the following:

A woman's sexiest curve is her smile.
Of course, I went awwww and felt all good about being a woman, but it is the same for men. Well, the smile part, oh you get what I mean. There is something about seeing a guy smile and I mean the smile that involves the eyes. It just encourages me to try to make him smile more. It's like I won the lottery. It's no surprise that my favourite movie quote ever is "Why so serious?"

Honestly speaking, there is so much for us to be sad about. Between the economy, the environment, the lack of connections with people and not their online identity, but a smile, a genuine smile can make anyone forget about all that.

So stop the mean mugging and give momma a smile, because I really appreciate it.

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