Becoming Venus - You Ain't S#!@!

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Let me start off by putting things into perspective. Think about it, you are:

  • One person in a population of over 7 billion people;
  • On a planet in a solar system of 9 planets (yes, Pluto is in my solar system);
  • In a solar system in a galaxy of billions of solar systems;
  • In a galaxy in a universe that has billions of galaxies.

Now, the question I have to ask you is, why do you think you are so important? In the whole scale of things you are a speck on a speck in a speck in another speck. Think that little creature that is smaller than an ant, that's you.

Then there is the fact that time is continuous, oh sure it seems to slow down when you are having a memorable moment, but it just keeps going like a lazy river. At one point you jumped into that river and then another point you came out. But think about this, do you know anything about your great-great-great-great uncle on your mother's side? Do you know anything about the shepherd in Ireland, the goat herder in Kenya, the opium farmer in Afghanistan who existed in the past or lives during your lifetime? And the reality is they know absolutely nothing about you.

Think about it, the "famous" people, the Nelson Mandela's, the Beyonce's, the Hitler's are one in billions. They "won" the lottery through their hard work, good or bad, their consistency and single mindedness (but that is another blog post). And guess what? the rest of us didn't "win" that lottery, but even if we did, in a hundred years, a thousand years, these individuals will only be remembered by historians, replaced by people doing interesting things in the future. The day will come when the Kardashians will be forgotten.

The reality is
You Ain't Shit!

Yeah, there is a but. But that gives you permission to do the things people tell you, the things you tell yourself, you can't do because at the end of the day it doesn't matter. So what if you don't write an international bestselling novel, but you do have a novel that is out there and like E. L. James (sigh) your novel can grow a readership that goes galactic. You can develop a program that would have Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg giving you the side eye. You could inspire a generation through your actions instead of inaction to do something more than just survive.

Do you really want your short stint on this planet to be about surviving, paying the bills and having the latest gadget? Or do you want to experience the natural high of achieving something that has been pricking the back of your mind? (Why do I sound like a drug dealer?)

At the end of the day, you and your actions don't matter, so why not do whatever the hell you want to do? Society makes everything so scary and although they push the idea of "out of the box thinking", it wants us to live in the box. But life shouldn't be so serious. It's short, it's messy but it can be fun and while you are taking that last breath at the end of it, you should have a silly smile on your face because you know it was an amazing ride. Not for the other billions of people on this earth or the countless life forms on our planet and the universe, but for YOU.

So today, tomorrow and the weeks and the months ahead, choose that dream, that idea, that one thing that gives you a buzz, plan how to execute it and DO IT! (Mind you, not "Just Do It" because that makes it sound like it's easy, but DO IT.)
  • DO IT because you want it more than anything in the world
  • DO IT because it is what YOU want to do
  • DO IT because it is part of your legacy, what you are leaving to the world
  • DO IT because despite the hardship, when it is done you feel on top of the world
  • DO IT because no one can do it like you
  • DO IT because you deserve it

And as added motivation, Shia LaBouef:

But also DO IT, because in the grander scheme of things it doesn't matter and that should be one weight off your shoulders, one less thing in your way along your path to personal greatness. But never forget,
You Ain't Shit

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