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So I'm online, MSN Messenger with my sister in Leeds and she says do not go to the cinema to watch Watchmen. This reminded me to the lack of a review from CommunityChannel on YouTube. So I ventured to watch it (online, ssshhh, don't tell anyone) and my response is: "Are you kidding me?!?! No really, are you kidding me?!?) I'm in the middle of watching it and I still don't get it. Don't worry, I was going into it with an open mind, I was not going to be influenced by others. But come on!!

Okay, here is what I like, the reference to another movie directed by the director. In the first action scene, the so-called super-hero threw a cup at his attacker and it hit his door, crashing on the room number, 300. I like that kind of stuff, hidden treasures in movies.

What I didn't like is the lack of clarity, as soon as you come out of the murky waters of this film, you enter a dense fog. Maybe they were putting to much in the movie that could have been edited out for clarity sake. It's not as though you have a clear idea of who the bad guy or guys are, nor do you have pieces of puzzles to direct you to a possible suspect. Then again I may not have been looking hard enough for those pieces, as I was bombarded with everyone's and their mamas' back story. Okay one mama's back story.

Alright, there is one other thing I like. Hello naked blue guy. For so long, movies have had the naked female form, but what about us women? Don't we deserve a little eye candy? Thanks for the eye candy, no thanks for the entire movie.

I put this movie in the category, I wouldn't pay to watch it, I'll wait for it to come out on cable.

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