I voted

12:02 PM

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I voted today. Had to drive to three different polling stations, but I got to vote at long last. You know what was crazy though, I went to the first one, about 5 people in front of me. I wait my turn, go in they call my name and they look through the book, my name isn't there. They tell me to go to another polling station in another village. So I drive to the other village, 3 people ahead of me, they call my name, I'm not there. So a poll clerk took my name and looked it up in a book of voters in the constituency. I'm to go to another polling station in another village. The village between the first village and the second village. So I drive to that village, no one is ahead of me, I vote and I'm on my way. Okay I know I was in the wrong for not checking where I was suppose to vote, but they could have checked the book at the first polling station. I'm just saying.

Any who, below are pics of me and my blackened finger.

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