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Long, long time ago, in a land 15-20 minutes away from where I live now, I read Addicted by Zane. At the time, I was exploring sexuality as my experience had been very limited. Okay, let's be honest, Zane is porn for black women, that is before Eric Jerome Dickey took the mantle away from her. I'm just saying. Anyway, I had the book for a while because I thought that even if you took away the explicit sex, the story was strong, and I would have still had it in my library if I hadn't lost it. On the real, it's a solid book.

Then on the by and by, I found out that they made a movie based on the book. Although the trailer was interesting, I didn't have the strong desire to watch the movie. Then out of boredom and because the internet is slow in the evenings, I watched it and here are my thoughts on it.

Here I Stand Waving My Prude Flag
I know I'm a prude when I keep thinking, "Are they having sex again? Gosh! Can we get to the story. Geez, more guys' asses." I wouldn't say I was made uncomfortable by it but I got over it quick. I know the movie is based on a book that is erotica true and true, but I felt like the story is strong enough that I don't have to suppress the desire to skip the sex part.

Reminder To Kim, It's based on the book, it's not going to be exactly like the book
I had to stop myself from comparing it to the book. Although I can't give you blow by blow every chapter in the book, I know there were some things left out, like the main character being with a woman. The woman was there but she didn't get busy with her, which makes me make the assumption,

Infidelity, no matter how extensive, is bad, but homosexuality is unspeakable.

I guess not all sins are made equal.

It had its good moments
There were moments where they built suspense, but there were moments when they made me, as a viewer, want more. I think they glossed over her childhood by just tacking it on in the end. I question the loyalty of her friend, which she kept hanging. That is some friendship but she keeps letting down her friend and she stands by her. The ending reminded me of When a Man Loves a Woman with Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia, which is understandable as that movie is about addiction as well, but it felt like it was easier to address addiction using an existing movie concept than figure out how to translate the true ending of the book. Oops, I was supposed to say the good moments here, they got the suspense and they built the core story. I'm resisting using a but.

Would I recommend this movie?
I guess, if you want to watch something when you are suffering from insomnia and have nothing better to watch. I know that sounds bad, but it all depends on what you are up for. And movie watching late at night is not a bad thing, I've done it in the past and have come across some decent movies, not great but decent movies. If you've read the book and you are expecting to see the book on the screen, don't watch it. If you haven't read the book, go right ahead, then read the book, it will make you appreciate the book more.

I know the movie came out late 2014 and I'm reviewing it in 2015, but as they say, down here in Antigua, " 'llow me." More reviews when I watch something else, except After Earth. I tried to watch it twice and in the first quarter of the movie, I stopped it and deleted it from my computer. The hate is real. Wooosah!

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