So Happy

5:17 PM

A couple months ago, I had posted a post where I was feeling so down for not getting a store space and I honestly broke down a bit. I didn't see where I was going in terms of my future but I knew I was not happy with my current situation and I will be honest it is not my perfect situation, but instead of dwelling on it I'm trying to make myself happy.

I had mentioned that I had started a project and did not go into details because I didn't want to be an Antiguan and talk talk talk and don't do. Well, I've started and I must say it really makes me happy. I've gone back to what I studied starting a decade ago, Fashion Design. I'm relearning draping and pattern making and it took me a while to get the perfect drape on my dress form, about four tries, but I got it. I was not completely happy with the fit of my first pattern draft, the back hip was too tight, the waist was to much excess, but I got it right. Instead of giving up (my modus operandi), I plugged on and the pride and the good vibes I got from succeeding was all I needed, it put me in good spirits. I enjoyed every step of the process, and it will be a while before I can put together a small collection and take it to market, but I will get it. Someone once said, Happiness is not a destination, it's a journey. Although I may have thought it, I now truly understand it.

Below is the sewn foundation skirt on the dress form and the completed skirt slopers for both the dress form and me.

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