If Your Life Were A Movie....

1:21 PM

So I'm going through my email a couple days ago and I came across a newsletter which lead me to this blog post, If your life were a movie, would you want to watch it? and my answer automatically was no. Honestly, I would be so upset with the main character and frustrated with her and then I would either leave the cinema or change the channel. Not to mentioned annoyed, asking questions like, why isn't she doing more with her life? Isn't she due for an adventure just about now? How about a life changing situation that forces her to change her life? Talk about a wake up call.

I think my last major adventure was about four years ago when I went to Cuba for vacation. It covered the whole seeing new places, meeting new people, having a great time and getting in touch with myself. It also taught me that I was living without a personality. Not saying I wanted to fit into a particular box, but I was an undefined person. Then somehow after I came back I fell deeper into being a non-person in my eyes anyway. I guess I adapted to my surrounding and quietly died without knowing it. I don't blame my surroundings, it's just the way it is.

Also it didn't help that I fell into the pressures of starting a family, which means, finding a man. Honestly, that was too much trouble and although I learned from the experience, I could do without it. Looking back I would have rather gone on more trips and had more fun.

So how am I going to change this pickle of a situation? Well, for one I need to dress the part, have more fun with my clothes and play with make up. I used to play with make up when I was a kid and for the life of me I can't unsubscribe from the make up tutorial channels on YouTube. I'm going to continue working on my collection, but I'm going to push myself when it comes to the styles. I'm also working on the t-shirt project and illustrating. The one thing that is really missing for me is travel.

There are two trips I want to do, V to V, Vancouver to Vegas and Paris to Berlin. If I could get those two trips under my belt, I could give up on the other places like Tokyo, Australia, etc.

Yes, it would be nice to have a little romance in the movie, but it's got to be the real deal. I would like the girl meets boy and they spend time talking and having adventures, even if is trying escargot for the first time.

It's one thing to say how I would like to live my life, but the time has come for me to live it. Time to work out how I'm going to fit everything in. I will get there, or die trying.

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