Male Appreciation #2

2:35 PM

When I was a kid, my family was visiting my uncle and his family in Brooklyn and while the adults were out, we watched a horror movie where worms were killing people. I don’t know if it was that movie that made me deathly afraid of worms. I’ve gotten better with the fear, but at one point, if I saw a worm I would enter a near comatose state, i.e. paralysis and a hawk like awareness of the worm. It could be less than ½” but I would be too through and after the worm had been removed, I would be on the look out for another one. Let’s just say, I like the concept of gardening but the thought of earthworms have been a great deterrent. Just a note, I nearly passed out while I was looking for pictures of worms. I think I'm going to need a paper bag.

So what does this have to do with Male Appreciation? Well, I know for a fact that men have fears as well, but some how, in their make up, even if they are afraid of something, if they have to take care of it to protect their partner or their family, they will take care of it. Be it to brush out a pesky tarantula or a beady eyed mouse, be it dead or alive. I’ll be honest with you, I would sooner call any man, friend or foe to dispose of a dead mouse.

Men are known to be problem solvers and it’s in their make up to protect. Plus, it’s pretty nifty that they have that pride thing, where they always want to prove that they are man enough to do something. I’m not saying that I, as a woman, can’t do what a man can do, but it’s more of a matter of why should I when he could? It would take me longer because I would make sure I am wearing 2 gloves, a plastic bag and I would try not to see the process of killing or disposing. Does this make me less of a woman? Perhaps, but I prefer to be my type of woman that the pseudo superwoman. Even Jill Scott is on my side with the matter.

So to the men out there, thank you for killing the creepy crawlies and disposing them, thank you for doing the things that give us the heeby jeebies. I just want you to know that it is appreciated.

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