Male Appreciation #17

11:22 AM

This is a personal Male Appreciation which basically means this is my preference. Just throwing out a disclaimer.

I like bare necks on a man, by bare neck I mean no tattoos at all on the neck. Don't get me wrong, I like tattoos, for one, I have a tattoo and I've also mintioned it before in Male Appreciation #7. The thing is I'm not a fan of it on the neck.

It might just be me but I'm not a fan of seeing ink peeking out a the collar of a man wearing a suit. Perhaps, it is also because the neck is such a small space that it just doesn't do the artwork any justice. People opposed to tattoos would say it looks like the wearer is branded and I think the same when I see ink on the neck. It's even worse when it's a person's name *smh*.

It is also a distraction, let me explain. Earlier this year, I discovered that one of my errogenous zones is the side of my neck, below the ear. So I figue if that spot works for me, maybe it will work on others. Now imagine, if you please, going in to kiss, lick or bite someone in that tender spot below their ear and you find "LaWanda" or "Xavier".

First thing I will think is "What is this ghetto shyte?" I'm being honest. The next question is "Who is the person inked into your neck?" If it is an ex, I'm done, "It was nice knowing you, goodbye." (Kimolisa's Tattoo Rule #1: Don't get a tattoo with a boyfriend's/girlfriend's name, MAYBE husband/wife, but never BF/GF.) If it is a mom/dad/child - "Awwww, that's so nice, but I'm no longer in the mood." How can I be if I have the image of his mom/dad/child in my head. If it is a pet...... I won't even go there.

Basically, I love men's necks to be free of tattoos and piercing. I love a smooth neck that I can do beautifully, wonderful things that would result in pleasure for both parties. I like the idea that there is nothing peeking out of the collar. Honestly speaking, a tattoo is suppose to enhance your look, giving people an insight into who you are and if it doesn't, it's a waste of ink, time and spoils a perfectly good piece of skin.

So, to the majority of men who have bare necks, I appreciate you.

Justin Chung
I'm starting to run out of things that I appreciate about men, but if you can think of something that can spark my memory and/or imagination, leave a comment and let me know what you appreciate about men.

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