Male Appreciation #7

3:13 PM

When I was still living in NYC, I had taken a flight to Miami for the day and on the way back to NYC I came across this guy who had been traveling from either New Zealand or Australia. He spent most of the flight sleeping and the thing that drew me to him was the tattoo on his leg. It was a tribal tattoo and it was done by the indigenous people of the country he was coming from. It didn't hurt that he was a bit on the scruffy side and he had a great pair of legs. This brings me to what I appreciate on men - tattoos on a great pair of legs.

I think my dad spoiled me because he has pretty cool legs although he says they have a deformity. Now a great leg to me is not about over developed muscles but well defined muscles. Don't give me huge thigh and calf muscles but those muscles that show that you are active to some degree. A great leg adds to the whole physique of a man and when you put a tattoo on it, I'm loving it.

But don't get it twisted, the tattoo should compliment the leg, enhance it even. It should not take away or distract the view from the shape and form of the leg. Of course the tattoo should have meaning beyond "I got it because it looked cool." If you can't tell, I take tattoos very seriously. Plus it is pretty cool when you know someone to be straight laced and then you see them in shorts and there would be an awesome tattoo.

So, to the men with tattoos on legs, I appreciate you.


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