Date #6 - Wild Animals

12:18 PM


Well wild animals in captivity. It's been ages since I've been to a zoo, but it makes an awesome date. It's something cool to do and it gives you and your date opportunities to talk. Are you all sensing a trend? For those who aren't picking it up, the trend is communication. Without communication, you won't know if the person you are dating is on the same page with you.

  Anyway, back to the date, it's pretty much simple, go to the zoo, walk around, look for your favourite animal and marvel on how cool that animal is. You can talk about why you love a particular animal or why another animal give you the heebie jeebies. For instance, I love cheetahs and meerkats, I like elephants foxes and wolves and I hate worms, and I can go on and on about the whys and how comes. I'm sure the same can be said for you and your date.

Also this is a great way to have a shared experience that can be fun. Can you imagine seeing the animals doing something funny or awkward? Or you can have fun by saying how some animals remind you of people you know. There are also opportunities to people watch, there could be couples on dates, families with screaming kids, tour groups and the list go on and on. The key is to have fun, I hate it when I go out and my date is a black hole of fun, so avoid sucking all the joy out of the excursion.

Some bonus points to keep in mind:
  • Have fun!!
  • Get a cheap souvenir, you don't have to break the bank, a small key ring or a small plush toy would work. The idea is to have something that when you look at it, you remember how much fun you had on the date.
  • Communicate (I think this will be in all my bonus points from now on).
  • Either plan the date in the morning or the afternoon, I will be straight with you, zoo's are expensive when it comes for snacks and food. So go to the zoo then go and eat at a reasonably priced eatery, or eat and then go to the zoo.
  • Work out which animals you definitely want to see and get to those first and alternate. You don't want at the end of the day you say all their animals and didn't see yours or you wasted time looking at animals you could care less about.
  • Plan the date for either a week day during the academic year. Why you ask? 1. Most adults are working during the week and would plan to go the zoo on the weekend, 2. During the summer holiday, kids would go to the zoo to hang out. I don't know about you but, I'm not crazy about crowds and long lines and I would want to have an enjoyable time on a date instead of dodging running kids, moody teenagers and *shudder* crowds.
  • Don't forget aquariums, if you don't have a zoo nearby, there might be an aquarium that would be as much fun.
Anyway, definitely consider going to the zoo on your next date, and as usual have fun!

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