Why Am I Single #1

3:19 PM

One evening, I was in the company of a man and he asked point blank,

"Why are you single? you are so nice."

To this I mumbled some nonsensical thing, but it triggered a thought for a series of blog posts where I answer that question thoroughly. I believe that all (or at least most) of the answers to people's problems can be found within, it's just to ask. It's something like that book, Conversations with God, where by simply sitting down and asking the questions, you will get the answers and sometimes you won't like the answers. I will try to be consistent. These posts might be amusing, hopefully insightful and at least for me it will be a worthy exercise.

So, why am I single?

Answer #1: I look like a christian.

Honestly, I don't mean to look like one or act like one, but for some strange reason, people put the label of christian on any and everybody who lives a moral, polite life. The truth is I am a non-practicing Pentecostal with leanings towards Atheism. But how does that impact on my relationship status? 

Well, the men I would fancy would think I am a bible thumper who would try to convert them, not knowing that I have yet to read the bible in it's entirely, I have yet to read a decent portion. Yes, I'm soft spoken, well spoken and can hold a decent conversation on most topics even religion but I am not a christian. I can do things in the bedroom that can make grown men's toes curl, let's see a good christian woman do that.

Then there are the christian men who approach me and are taken aback that I don't attend church. I try not to have debates about religion, believing that it is a personal choice, but these men think it's their duty to get me in a church. They refuse to believe that God and I are cool with the relationship we are in and we both accept that Jesus is a pretty decent fellow. Also, why should I commence relations with someone if we can't agree on such a fundamental issue of how we spend a Sunday.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a church fearing heathen, if I have to, I will go to church but it's not part of my lifestyle. It's more a matter of people jumping the gun and putting a label on you without getting the 411 on who you really are. So to all the regular, intelligent, fun men out there, just come over and say hi, I don't bite and I promise I won't drop a scripture during our conversation.

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