Why Am I Single #4

6:15 PM

Answer #4: I'm an idiot.

There are many reasons why I would boldly wear the dunce cap but the main one is when I talk myself out of a possible suitor. Yeah I used the word, I can go old school too, suitor. I even wrote a poem about it, want to read it, here it is.

Basically, I would see an attractive male specimen and all the visual points are there, but right after the build up, there is the demolition. What is his deal? Is he in a relationship? Is he married? Is he gay? Would he be interested in me? and on and on and on. Even if he was interested in me, I've already talked myself out of the running. As I said, I'm an idiot.

So how do I rectify this? Well, I've already started, I'm building up my confidence so that I view myself as a worthy contender and someone worth a hello and a conversation. I know it's also a matter of shifting perspective once more, I complain about people putting labels on me in the first Why Am I Single post, but I turn around and put labels on others, shame on me. Then again, we are all hypocrites. Another way of moving forward is living my best life and to stop figuring out what the next person is thinking or their status. Leave my mind and heart open, even if I get hurt I will become stronger for it. It's like a scar, you get cut and the skin grows over but thicker. Hopefully, I don't get hurt too much.

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