Why Am I Single #8

5:32 PM

Answer #8: I Don't Approach Men

Somewhere there is an unspoken (correction: spoken by those who are forthright enough to say it) rule that men are suppose to approach women. And it is because of this rule, women don't approach men. I guess there is also that feeling that men will not like it if a woman approach them. Perhaps, it will make a woman look desperate if she steps to a man. But here is a little advertised fact that I came across thanks to Paul Carrick Brunson, a modern day match maker,

If a man approaches a woman, his chances of being successful is 30%
If a woman approaches a man, her chances of success is 50%
This made me go, hmmmm. My chances for success is better than the average man's chances....... hmmm. Veddy, veddy interesting. This got me thinking about a post on the blog called The Dating Truth titled "How To Overcome Your Fear Of Asking Someone on A Date". What she said seemed do-able, so I think I'm going to challenge myself. 

The Challenge: To approach random attractive men, engage them and then ask for their number.

The key word here is to engage the men and not come off like this. Basically, make them feel comfortable and interested and then ask for their number. It will be an interesting exercise because I will get practice and it will help me build my confidence. 

The rules:
  1. Only men I am attracted to, this will push me out of my comfort zone.
  2. During the conversation, find out if they have a significant other. I am not about to get a beat down for any man that I have no intention of seeing again.
  3. The numbers are just to be collected. Push come to shove if there is a connection, I'll create my own little black book.
  4. Don't break hearts or hurt feelings. 
  5. Be nice, be open and be honest.
  6. In this blog record how I got the numbers in batches of three.
So here it is, my ever so mad challenge. If you can think of anything else I can add to the rules, comment below.

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