Male Appreciation #22

6:09 PM

Last week, I came across this pic on FaceBook and shared it immediately. It has been one of the ideas I wanted to share on Male Appreciation. It actually reminded my of a friend's wedding.

Strangely enough I didn't know that the wedding was going down hill and the bride was getting more and more frustrated. It all came to a head and she walked away. I was perplexed and was going to follow just to understand what was wrong but her new husband basically said to give her space. I guess I should have been upset and taken aback that he was stopping me and a few others, but I saw it as him protecting her. I knew in that moment she chose well, well more like it was highlighted and underlined with a Sharpie.

This is what I appreciate about men, their need and/or desire to protect the woman they love. Sure men and women operate on different levels but somehow there is a level where they meet and it's magic. I hear over and over how men use women and are only after one thing, but why don't they mention the men who go the extra mile for the woman they love?

Looking at it now it shows the difference. I'm having an "aha moment"/now I get it, I could be wrong, but hear me out. There are men who do want one thing, who want to add another notch on their totem pole. They are who they and you can't really fault them because they have their issues:
  • They never had a good role model
  • They hate their mothers
  • They just have no respect for women
  • They were hurt in the past by a woman they really loved
You really can't be mad with them because they are either hurting or down the road they will meet a woman that will want to give their heart to and we can only hope it works out for him.

Then there are the men who are the opposites of the men mentioned above. All they want to do is meet that special someone. These men are boyfriend/husband material.These are them men who will go the extra mile for his woman, will remember her favourite movie, when they met and all that gushy stuff. 

The important thing to remember is with this kind of man is that he's not perfect. There are things he will never remember, people he won't gel with, things he will never do, but he loves for real and that means something. Actually it reminds me from a concept I came across in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married, the 80/20 rule:

So to the men who protect their women and visit that magical level to find and nurture the women they have chosen to love, I appreciate you.

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