9:22 AM

I'm back with Trailers!!!! I know, I know, where have I been? What's been going on with my blog? Well stay tuned for that info, but check out these trailers. Woohoo!! An apocalypse movie. I'm watching this because I was disappointed my Godzilla and want to see monsters and machines. Can we have Superman keep the beard? He looks uber cute with the beard. I'm watching this because Superman feels edgier and has issues. At first I was not interested then I saw Morgan Freeman. Then the plot got twisted and now I want to know what is happening. Who's the bad guys? His bosses? Morgan Freeman's people? or those monsters? So many questions. Oooh another end of the world movie. Am I seeing a theme here? I first saw this on FaceBook and I was interested. I'm a Will Smith fan and I hope this movie has legs

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