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Once again I was floating through the internet and I came upon Zmaga's blog and just as I was about to move on, I saw these Writing Prompts. Honestly they inspired me because right now I'm trying to put myself right, get to know myself and make myself a better person and someone I like. so here is one set:

writing prompts | week 03.
the real you. u be u. i'll be me. in high school i wore a red tee shirt with that phrase on it. i loved that shirt. i loved that shirt to death. i wore it til the seams frayed. oh how i felt like the real me in that tee.

01. seek out the real you. what inspires you? find books with passages highlighted and markings in the margins. start with the quotes and go from there. why does it speak to you? what about this statement makes you feel? who do you want to be? hunt down college notebooks if you have to. go to the place when you felt alive and write from there.

02. guilty as charged. what are you guilty of? spending days on the couch with a silly novel? careless about making your bed? what are your guilty pleasures? blogging / cookie dough / sephora / juicy gel pens / polka dot dishes / staying up late for letterman / bubble baths.. i have a million.

03. what is your motto? a cute gal interviewed me the other day for an essay she was writing. she asked me this great question. i came up with something pure and directly from my mind without thinking too much. it wasn't that great. but i suppose it was true and honest. so i went with it. now that I've whirled over her question, i have come up with a hundred more mottoes to live by. what statements do you live by?

I'll try to do even though I'm really interested in the first and last one. So as soon as I have it sorted you'll see a post.

My first blog is all about my poetry, this blog is about self development, inspiration and happiness. I just want to be happy, don't you?

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