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As mentioned in the previous post, Ms. Andreen S. shared a playlist with me of trailers worth checking out and I already started to comment on the first six trailers. Here are my thoughts on the next six:

7. Why do I feel this might be my life story? LOL. It may not be as beautifully shot, or have many layers as the other movies, but sometimes it's nice to see black people being represented in Hollywood. Would I pay $15 to see it in the cinema? No. Would I watch it for $5 or catch it on HBO. Yeah, I think I would.

8. This is definitely for those who are into the history of hip hop and are fans of A Tribe Called Quest. I love how a group can create their own style and be in touch with their fans. Personally, it's not my cup of tea, but it will hit the spot for others.

9. I will be honest, I am not a fan of Elmo, I feel like he has out shone Sesame Street, so instead of a collective of different characters, Sesame Street is a vehicle for Elmo. But I love the story behind Elmo and I want to watch this film. God, I love how he stuck to his dream and has become successful, heck, more than successful.

10. Why do I want to hug this guy? And I can so relate with people's misconceptions of people being from anywhere in the world. Damn you, media for giving people the wrong idea. I don't normally watch film related movie, which is weird since I love the inspirational quality of them, but I would watch this movie.

11. I'm a little confused, at first they were speaking English, then German, then some other language with German subtitles. Then she kind of freaked me out with the death stare, but I warmed out when she started to sing a tune that I know and love.

12. This should be viewed by Black Americans first and foremost, because time has created a divide between those troubling times and now. I believe this film will be a needed education.

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